Want to get involved?

We are always looking for help: fundraising, transporting & rehabiltating.

Developing volunteer involvement in the treatment of birds is an integral part of the SRS’s activities. Currently, 5 volunteers donate 5-30 hours of their time weekly.

Our volunteers are scheduled Monday to Friday from 6-9 PM and Saturdays from 1-3 PM. You have to be 18 years or older to become a volunteer. These are some of our past and present volunteers!

Karen Gurba
Monique Sullivan
Kristine Williams
Ian Brusselers
Jon Wimpney
Nicole Stanway
Katie Rasmussen
Joanna Wright
Carlotta Stoddart
Dave Bruinsma
Lisa Kinnear
Leanna Ryan
Warren Olsen
Neil Rooker
Sarah Wyllie

Craig Dockrill
Johan Ankarklev
Liam Dunn
Tom Williams
Tom Hamilton
Randy Dzenkiw
Bruce Camp
Charmaine Trottier
Frank Dobos
Harvey Grabel
Teri Seale
Leah Darling
Crystal VanGaalen
Jess Newman
Dr.Dave Secord
Blair Hughes


Here is a partial list of contributors:

Emercor Building Systems (www.emercor.com)
Ken Polege Oilfield Hauling
Petro-Canada Refineries
Alberta Envirofuels
AT Plastics
SPAR Aviation
Dow Chemical
Shell Refineries
Christine Workman and EMCO
Greg Tindal and Comfort Floor Heating
CoSYn Technologies
Jim Lange
Walter Neufeldt and Nelson Homes
Louise Bohaychuk

Architectural Clearinghouse
L&H Concrete
Coral Davis-Fry
Dapp School
Busby School
Pollard Meadows School
County Clothes Line
Friends of the Environment
Strathcona County Community Lottery Board
Bertha Kennedy School
Pan Canadian
Fort Saskatchewan Elementary
Soleno Employee Group
WIldlife and Wetlands Protection Group
Circuit Electric
Imperial Oil
Friends of Elk Island Society
St. Marguerite School